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Head of Franz Kafka

Local name: Hlava Franze Kafky

The statue of Franz Kafka in Prague was made in the form of a moving head depicting the writer's likeness. The artist's monument consists of 42 moving layers of stainless steel measuring 11 m altogether and weighing 39 tons, braided with cables of a total length of one kilometer. The layers are driven by a motor and rotate independently of one another.

The bust of this German-speaking Jewish writer, inseparable from the capital of the Czech Republic, was created by David Černý in November 2014. The monument is located near the Quadrio Shopping Center, the subway station, the town hall and the insurance company where Franz Kafka worked as an official.

The location of this unusual technical monument in this location is to distract people from frustration in dealing with the staff of the office. Another idea behind the creation of the monument is the combination of art with modern technologies and traditions of Czech craftsmen.


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