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Museum of Communism

Local name: Muzeum komunismu

The Museum of Communism in Prague has created an exhibition showing the period since the Prague coup, the so-called "February coup" in 1948 to the Velvet Revolution in November 1989. You can see here archival photos and documents, film materials and many interesting exhibits, such as posters, flags or Lenin's monument.

The exhibition shows various aspects of the communist era, both the private sphere and everyday life, as well as the political and economic situation prevailing in Czechoslovakia at that time. Part of the exhibition is devoted to people's militia, the army and secret services of the StB (Státní bezpečnost).

Reconstructions of old interiors were also created here, and visitors will see, for example, what Czechoslovak grocery stores looked like. The exhibition was divided into three parts, they were called "Dream", "Reality" and "Nightmare".


Attractions inside

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    V Celnici 4118 00 Prague , Czechia