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Gardens under Prague Castle

Local name: Zahrady pod Pražským hradem

The palace gardens on Mala Strana are located on the southern slope under the Prague Castle. You can find here, among others fountains and a spiral staircase and admire the view of Prague from here. The garden complex consists of: Ledeburg Garden, Wallenstein Garden, Big Palffyovski Garden, Little Palffyovski Garden, Vrtbovski Garden, Fűrstenberg Garden and Kolowratski Garden.

The palace gardens on Mala Strana were gradually built from the Middle Ages to the 19th century. Five of them have been renovated in recent years and combined into one coherent whole. As a curiosity, it is worth quoting the fact that the Palace Gardens are also a romantic scenery, where many couples decide to say "yes" and start a new way of life.

Concerts are organized in the Ledeburg Garden in the Terrena Hall. Fruit trees are bred in the Small Palffyovski Garden and Kolowratski Garden. The Big Palffyovski Garden is an example of baroque garden art. In the Fürstenberg Garden, in the place of the former vineyard, there is a small tower overlooking the city.


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