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Wallenstein Palace

Local name: Valdštejnský palác

Wallenstein Palace is located on Mała Strana. This is the first baroque secular building in Prague. Today, the Czech Senate occupies a huge edifice with a facade dominated by huge, mirrored windows. Inside, you can see the chapel and the Knight's Hall, two stories high. Around the palace there are French-style gardens.

Building his headquarters, Wallenstein wanted her to outshine the royal castle on Hrad. The monumental palace was designed by the Italians Andrea Spezza and Niccolo Sebregondi. They created a building that had the characteristics of early Baroque. From the street side, it has a symmetrical, regular facade with three entrance portals. The middle one is blind and only serves to maintain symmetry. Above are rows of huge, arched windows crowned with decorated lintels.

From the side of the gardens, the palace has a huge arcaded loggia filled with Baroque paintings depicting scenes from the Trojan War. On the axis of the gardens there are references to antique bronze sculptures and fountains. There is also an artificial grotto.


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Valdštejnské náměstí 4118 01 Prague , Czechia