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Okoř Castle

Local name: Hrad Okoř

The castle in Okoř is currently only picturesque ruins - properly secured and open to tourists. The fortress was destroyed during the Thirty Years' War and never regained its former glory. A music festival is organized here in August, attracting many tourists.

The Okoř Castle was built in the 14th century in the place where the chapel once stood. Successive owners expanded the medieval fortress, and in the 15th century it was additionally fortified. It is also one of the few Czech castles that was located below the level of the surrounding hills.

The last owners of the castle were Jesuits from Prague Clementinum. They adapted it to their needs and maintained it, but after the cassation of the order in 1773, the castle roofs were dismantled and sold. At that time, the place turned into ruin. Around 1800, an additional half of the tower collapsed.


Attractions inside

    Okoř Castle map
    Okoř 252 64 Okoř , Czechia