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Mining Museum Mayrau

Local name: Hornický skanzen důl Mayrau

The mining museum in Vinarice operates within the area of the former Mayrau coal mine. When it ceased operations in 1994, a museum was opened on its premises. It has the character of an exhibition "the last day of work", which means that everything has been preserved as if the employees had left the mine just a few hours earlier.

The Vinarice mine has been operating since 1874. In 1905, modern machines were purchased for it. In 1932 more devices were bought, this time already powered. Currently, they are shown at a special exhibition depicting the equipment used in the mine. Visitors to the mine go through the entire route of miners coming down and returning from work underground. There is a cloakroom, a bathhouse, a canteen and a reception desk, where lamps were issued and letters to mark the descent underground were laid out. The former mine employees are the guides here. You can also take them to some excavations. Mining machines are presented here, and conveyor belts and a factory queue on the surface. In one of the halls there is also an exhibition of mining rescue equipment.


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