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Koněpruské caves

Local name: Koněpruské jeskyně

Koniepruskie Caves are located inside the Golden Horse Hill in the "Czech Karst" National Park. It is the longest cave system in the whole of the Czech Republic - the total length of the examined corridors is over 2000 m. Koniepruskie Róże, formed about 1.5 million years ago, is one of the most valuable formations here. They resemble cauliflowers growing directly from rocks. They are made of calcite and opals. The caves are also inhabited by bats, here about 300 individuals were counted.

Koniepruskie Caves were discovered accidentally in 1950. They were quickly adapted to tourist traffic and made available for sightseeing in 1959. Numerous legends are associated with them. One of them tells the story of an evil and greedy noblewoman who wanted to get a treasure hidden in the rocks. The spirit guarding the treasure, however, could only spend it on those who have golden hair and an iron hand. So the woman ordered to make a golden wig and iron glove for herself, and then she rode into the cave on a horse. It was turned into a golden sculpture and hence the name of the hill.


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