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Zebrak Castle

Local name: Hrad Žebrák

The Beggar Castle is one of two strongholds standing on the hills above the village of Tocnik. These are the ruins of a Gothic stronghold with a high stone tower, which currently serves as a viewpoint to the surrounding area.

The castle was probably built in the mid-thirteenth century. He stood on a narrow rocky promontory with steep slopes, in a place providing defense. It was an important point of protection for the local trade routes until 1395, when it was badly damaged by fire.

After this event, King Wenceslaus IV built a new castle on a nearby hill. From that moment, the position of the Beggar Castle began to decline sharply in favor of the neighboring Tocnik Castle. From the mid-fourteenth century, it fell into ruin, and to this day only part of the outer walls have survived, the chapel of St. Apolinary and St. Make and cylindrical tower. At its top there is an observation deck with mounted information boards that allow better orientation in the viewed landscape.


Attractions inside

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    267 51 Točník , Czechia