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Local name: Klementinum

The Clementinum in Prague is the Baroque building of the former Jesuit college. The monastic complex and the former college consist of historic buildings: the Gothic church of Sts. Clement, rebuilt in Baroque style; Baroque church of Sts. Savior; astronomical tower from the astronomical observatory; school; college; library and theater.

In 1556, the former Dominican monastery of St. Clement of Prague came to the Jesuits. The Baroque monastery complex was expanded and today occupies about thirty former medieval houses. In the following years the church was built. Salvator, the astronomical tower, and at the beginning of the 18th century rebuilt church of St. Clement.

In 1773 the Jesuit Order was abolished, and the Klementinum functioned. There were educational institutions, among others. Charles University, Archbishop's Seminary and National Library. Today most of the space in Klementinum, outside the churches, is used by the National Library Foundation.


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