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Na Příkopě Street

Local name: Na Příkopě

Prague street Na Příkopě passes at the site of the former moat of the Old Town. The most important buildings located on this street include: Vienna Palace, Powder Tower, Town House, Slavic House, Hybern House, church of St. Of the Cross, Sevastopol Palace. It is also a commercial street with many department stores, brand stores and banks.

The moat was filled in 1760 and then the beginning of Na Příkopě street should be dated. Příkop in Czech means the ditch and the street name comes from the moat, or ditch. In the past it was called Old Avenue and Kolovratov Street. Today it is the border between the Old and New Town districts.

Today, Na Příkopě street is partly a pedestrian street. The width of the street is about 10 m, which means that it is relatively wide for the period in which it was established. An interesting fact is that this street is one of the most expensive commercial streets in the world, in 2016 it was 23rd in the ranking of 71 most expensive shopping streets in the world.


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