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Schwarzenberg Palace

Local name: Schwarzenberský palác

Schwarzenberg Palace is located in Hradčany. It is the most distinctive building of the local market. The facade covered with sgraffito decorations of two buildings connected by a curtain is one of the most photographed by tourists. The interiors of the palace are occupied by the National Gallery until 2008, presenting here collections of Baroque painting.

The palace was built in the mid-16th century by the Lobkovicz family. It passed into the hands of the Schwarzenbergs in the 18th century. After World War II, the building was nationalized. At the beginning of the 21st century, it was recovered by a descendant of the family, a Czech politician and presidential candidate Karel Schwarzenberg. Under the agreement with the National Gallery, since 2008 the interior has been displaying collections of Baroque art from the reign of Emperor Rudolf.

The palace has a long façade that extends across the entire frontage of the market. On its edges are two buildings facing the street. They are crowned with Renaissance, decorated gables. The buildings are connected by a curtain wall with an attic. The entire exterior walls are covered with sgraffito decoration. In the lower part there are imitations of stone, in the upper - floral decorations.


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