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The monastery of the Augustinians

Local name: Klášter obutých Augustiniánů

Located inside: The Church of St Thomas

Monastery of Augustians at the church of St. Thomas in Prague is a building erected in the Gothic style and rebuilt in the Renaissance style. This is the first Augustinian monastery in the Czech Republic. Among the monuments have survived, among others monastery library, monastery tribunal and paintings by Piotr Rubens.

The Augustian Monastery was founded in 1285 by King Wenceslaus II "for the salvation of his father's soul", Przemysł II. During the Reformation, the monastery became the target of attacks by residents of Prague who sympathized with the Hussite movement. Monks were expelled and the monastery complex was looted and burned.

In the mid-15th century, the Augustinians returned to Prague, but the reconstruction of the monastery in the Renaissance style proceeded very slowly. Half a century later a library was built here. Monks conduct classes for citizens including language courses. Every August, the Augustian Week is held. There are lectures related to St. Augustine and Augustians.


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