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The Church of St Thomas

Local name: Kostel svatého Tomáše

Baroque-Gothic church of St. St. Thomas in Prague is part of the Augustinian monastery complex. Among the interior decorations have survived, among others. antique richly decorated altars, frescoes, sculptures of St. Tomasz and św. Augustine, in the chapel of St. Dorothy wooden gothic crucifix. Masses in English are also held here.

The church Thomas was built in the years 1285-1379 in the Gothic style in place of the former church of the same name. The temple burned down during several fires and during the Hussite wars. The reconstruction from 1727 - 1731 according to the design of KI Dietzenhofer gave the church a contemporary Baroque-Gothic look.

The main altar is decorated with copies of paintings by PP Rubens: The Martyrdom of Saint Thomas and Saint Augustine, and gilded sculptures by JA Quitainer and silver-plated statues of FM Brokof. In the church of St. Tomasz also has the works of B. Spranger, K. Škrét. The frescoes in the interior of the dome and in the vault of the nave and were made by VV Reiner.

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