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Statue Franz Kafka

Local name: Pomník Franze Kafky

Located inside: Josefov

Monument to Franz Kafka in Prague between the church of St. Spirit, and the Spanish Synagogue is a work of unique, unusual shape. This monument raises a lot of controversy, questions and guesses. Franz Kafka is a figure associated with his whole life with Prague, he is a writer whose works were never to see the light of day.

In 2003, 120 years after the birthday of this German-speaking writer of Czech origin, a monument dedicated to the artist was unveiled. The Franz Kafka monument measures 3.75 m high and weighs 700 kilograms. It was made of bronze on behalf of the Prague Association Franz Kafka, according to the design of Jaroslav Ron.

An interesting fact is that the statuette, a reduced version of the monument, also made in bronze, is handed out annually as an International Literary Award granted by the Franz Kafka Prague Association and the city of Prague. Former Czech President Václav Havel became one of the winners of this award in 2010.


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