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Crawling Babies

Local name: Miminka

Crawling Children are three giant figures located on the Island in the park at the entrance to the Kampa Museum. This is a shocking installation, depicting crawling babies who have elongated holes on their heads in places of the face with barcodes placed inside.

The controversial installation by David Černý was to be temporary. However, she aroused positive feelings among the inhabitants of Prague and the three-meter crawling babies remained here permanently. Their symbolism is to refer to the communist era, unable to reach adulthood. The sculptures show infantile figures, deprived of reason, mindlessly crawling.

Crawling babies can also be found on the Žižkov Prague TV tower. Here, children scale on the sides of the TV tower. 10 figures made of fiberglass were installed on the tower. Crawling Children premiered in Chicago in 1994, then they were presented in many other cities, including in London.


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