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Kampa square

Local name: Na Kampě

Kampa is an artificial island with an area of over 5 hectares, on the one hand, flooded with Vltava waters, and cut off from the mainland by Čertovka (Czarcim Potok) - a channel originally dug to power water mills (one of the three has been preserved, called the Great Prior). The area around the mouth of Čertovka to the Vltava, where the buildings stand on the stream itself, became known as Prague Venice.

Kampa's beauty was appreciated by filmmakers - photos shot here include for the films "Mission Impossible" and "Van Helsing". There is the shortest street in Prague, 27 m long, Jirziego Červeného - a cabaret artist, writer, composer and lawyer. The island is connected to the mainland by several footbridges. At its northern end, there are three pillars of the Charles Bridge, from which you can descend to Kampa by a stone staircase.

The greater part of the island is occupied by the park, where the stage was located for the needs of concerts and entertainment events organized here during the tourist season. The park has the Kampa Museum - a gallery with a permanent exhibition of a rich collection of contemporary art from Central European countries.


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