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National Gallery - Kinsky Palace

Local name: Národní galerie - Palác Kinských

The Kinsky Palace located on the Old Town Square in Prague has been one of the headquarters of the National Gallery since 1949. There is an exhibition dedicated to the art of Asia and North Africa. You can see Chinese and Japanese ceramics, Tibetan tanks, painting, sculpture and graphics from around the region, as well as monuments of Islamic art.

Kinski Palace was built in the mid-eighteenth century. It is a building with a symmetrical facade, with two projections topped with triangular tympanums. The entrances are decorated with carved, columnar, stone portals. On the roof of the building there are baroque sculptures.

The Asian and North African art collection of the National Gallery shows the changes that have taken place in it from ancient times to the present day. There are objects of archaic art from China, including ceramics and sculpture. Buddha sculptures and traditional tank tops painted from Tibet come from. There are also collections of handicrafts from India, Japan and Southeast Asia. The art of northern Africa is mainly represented by items from the circle of Islamic influences, including ceramics, weapons, rugs and gold products.

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