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Celetna Street

Local name: Celetná

Celetná Street in the Old Town of Prague connects the Old Town Square with the Powder Tower. It belongs to the oldest streets in Prague. The most important buildings at Celetna Street include: House of the Three Kings, Týnská Fara, House of the White Lion, House of the Four Pillars, Menhart Palace, House of the Black Sun, White Peacock House and Caretta-Millesim Palace.

Celetná Street was marked out in the Middle Ages as the main route of the Old Town. In the fourteenth century, it became part of the route that led from here to Prague Castle. It is also a former trade route, and its name comes from the Caltenerów, who were bakers. The street is about 400 meters long.

Most of the houses on Celetna Street were rebuilt in the Baroque and Classicist style, although some buildings have retained Romanesque and Gothic foundations and architectural remains. It used to run a tram line here, but nowadays it functions as a pedestrian street.


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