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Czech musicians

Local name: Čeští muzikanti

Czech Musicians are a figural fountain located in the southwestern part of Senovážné náměstí Square. The building, also known as the Prague Spring and Dancing Fountain, was designed by the Prague sculptor Jan Wagner, and the figures of the musicians were made by Anna Chromy, the author of the famous sculpture The Cloak of Conscience - weighing 45 tons, made of one block of white marble in the form of a hollow cape.

Czech Musicians are a quintet composed of a mandolinist, flutist, violinist and trumpeter, symbolizing the four great rivers - the Ganges, Amazon, Danube and Mississippi. A sculpture of a lonely dancer was set up nearby - a symbolic representation of the Nile. The statue is an independent small fountain in which potable water flows.

As a child, Anna Chromy emigrated from the Czech Republic to Austria, and then to France. She started her career as a painter, but as a result of an accident she could not paint for many years. During this period she became interested in sculpture. For the sculpture The Cloak of Conscience she received the Premio Michelangelo award in 2008 (as the first woman in history). Since 2013, the sculptor has awarded the Chromy Award she has established - the statuette is a miniature of the "cloak of conscience".


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