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The monument of St. Wenceslas

Local name: Pomník svatého Václava

The statue of St. Wenceslas on Wenceslas Square in Prague is a symbol of Czech statehood. The monument is a group of statues of patrons of the Czech Republic. In addition to the statue of the most important of them, Wenceslas, the sculptures of St. Prokop, St. Agnieszka Czeska, St. Ludmila and St. Adalbert. The sculpture is made of bronze, measures 7.2 mi and reaches its own weight of about 5.5 tons.

St. Wenceslas Monument was built at the site of an earlier monument to this saint who was transferred to Visegrad. Its author is a Czech sculptor from the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Josef Václav Myslbek. He worked on the monument for over thirty years. The co-authors were architect Alois Dryák and sculptor Celda Klouček.

The first three figures were made in 1912, while the statue of St. Wojciech was not finished until 1924. The monument was officially unveiled in 1913, despite the lack of image of Saint. Adalbert. In later years, St. Wenceslas Monument was successively enlarged, further elements were added.


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