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Konopiště Chateau

Local name: Zámek Konopiště

Located inside: Castle Park

There is a historic complex in Beneszów, which consists of the Upper and Lower Castle. This is a perfectly preserved example of the Saxon Renaissance. You can see here a rich exhibition of furniture, paintings, porcelain and handicraft monuments. The exhibition is completed by an armor collection. In the courtyard you can admire a copy of the Triton sculpture by Dutch sculptor Adriaen de Vries.

Construction began in the 16th century, when representatives of the Salhausen family settled in these lands. Currently, the buildings have been restored. The complex is entered in the register of monuments. Both castles can be visited.

The Upper Castle was built on the initiative of Bedřich of Salhausen, it was to be its official seat. The Lower Castle was built a bit later with his son Jan in mind. The Lower Castle was extended at the end of the 16th century, when another gentleman from the Salhausen family, a certain Wolf, ordered to erect a magnificent Renaissance palace, which is today called the Wolf wing.


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    256 01 Benešov , Czechia