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Castle Melnik

Local name: Zamek Mělník

Mělník Castle is a historic Baroque building towering over the waters of the Elbe River. It is located in the register of Czech monuments. You can see the works of outstanding Czech Baroque painters, such as: Karel Škrét, Jan Jiri Heintsche, Jan Petr Molitor, and Ignacy Raab Victorin.

The building stands on the site of the former 9th-century Slavic stronghold. The early Middle Ages brought the first major changes, a seat for widows of royal members was established here.

The facade of the building features architectural elements characteristic of various styles: Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. Its today's appearance is due to the reconstruction of the eighteenth century.

In 1992, the castle was returned to the Lobkovic family, which was its owner until 1938. At that time, the Nazis took him over.


Attractions inside

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    Svatováclavská 16276 01 Mělník , Czechia