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Petřín Gardens and Hill

Local name: Petřín a Petřínské sady

The Petřin hill in Prague is located on the left bank of the Vltava River. The cable car runs to the top. Parkes, gardens, observation tower, astronomical observatory, Labyrinth of Luster and monuments. The Wall is part of the old fortifications of the city. Strahov Stadium is the largest football stadium and the second largest sports facility in the world.

The Petřín hill reaches a height of 130 m asl. The Hollow Wall was built in the 14th century, commissioned by King Charles IV. The legend says that the king ordered the construction of a wall to give work and the possibility of earning the unemployed. In reality, however, the investment was aimed at expanding the district of Mała Strana.

In the romantic park on Petřín hill there was once a sacrificial altar, where young virgins were burnt, sacrificing them for pagan gods. In its place was the church of St. Lawrence. As legend tells, pagan gods appear in the form of mysterious fires. The ogres are said to have magical power and heal rheumatism.


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