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Infant Jesus of Prague

Local name: Pražské Jezulátko

The figurine of the Prague Baby Jesus, called the diminutive Jezulatko, is kept in the church of Our Lady of Victory on Mała Strana. It is a 16th century wax sculpture brought from Spain. She is dressed in expensive robes and recognized as doing miracles.

She gave the figurine to the Carmelite monastery of Polyxena from Lobkovice in 1628. Her cult spread throughout the world, especially in the nineteenth century. At the altar you can see votive offerings from the Philippines or Vietnam, among others.

From the beginning the figurine was dressed. He currently has about 70 dresses. The oldest are from around 1700. An interesting fact is that even an official delegation of the Vietnamese Communist Party brought a dress for Jezulatka to Prague in 1958, as a formal gift for comrades from the CCP.


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