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number 8 in the city

Petřín Lookout Tower

Local name: Petřínská rozhledna

The Petřínská tower in Prague is a 65,5 m high steel structure. It is a lookout tower erected on the Petřín hill as a copy of the Eiffel tower. The viewing platform is located at 55 m and leads to 299 stairs. From here you can see the whole of Prague and its surroundings. It is the highest tower in the Czech Republic.

The tower was built in 1891 on the occasion of the Jubilee Exhibition. Vilém Kurz Elder and Vratislav Pasovský, founders of the Czech Tourists Club, were the initiators of the construction of the Petřín Tower. The project was co-authored by František Prášil and Julius Souček. The base of this Prague dominant is at 318 m.

In 1938 a fire broke out at the top of the tower, probably caused by a short circuit in the cabin of the elevator leading to the top of the tower. In the 50s of the twentieth century it was a transmission tower, a television transmitter and radio transmitters. Currently, only the viewing function is used.


Attractions inside

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