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Terezin Memorial - Ghetto Museum

Local name: Památník Terezín - Muzeum ghetta

The Terezin Ghetto Museum is housed in a former school building in the former Jewish quarter. There is a permanent exhibition dedicated to the memory of the victims of the ghetto from 1941-1945. In addition to documents, photos or personal souvenirs of local Jews, a large part of it tells about education in the ghetto and the situation of children staying in it.

The museum was founded in 1991. It is part of the local Memorial, a cultural and educational institution that deals with commemorating German crimes in Terezin. During the war, the school building housed a so-called youth home, in which boys between 10 and 15 years of age received basic education and prepared to work in factories in the ghetto.

The museum exhibition was created in cooperation with rescued Terezin Jews. A mock-up of the ghetto, everyday objects, clothes, propaganda posters, announcements, photos, personal documents and documentation of the district administration were shown here. The exhibition in a modern and very suggestive way shows the inhumane living conditions in the ghetto and the atmosphere of constant threat to the lives of the people living in it.


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