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The Ustka region covers north-eastern Bohemia, on the border with Germany. The axis of the region is the Elbe River, the Czech Ore Mountains cover a large part of the area. The most attractive part of the region in terms of tourism is Czech Switzerland.

Czech Switzerland forms a compact tourist region on the German side of Saxon Switzerland. There are rock groups forming characteristic nests separated by steamers, called Soutesques. The most famous rock formation of this area is the Pravcicka Brama, and you can go boating on souteskes.

The main cities of the region are industrial Usti nad Labem, as well as Decin with a nice old town and the spa town of Teplice.

The Czech Ore Mountains covering a large part of the region are a good place for active tourism. Walking and cycling routes have been marked out here, and several lookout towers are standing on the tops.

The picturesque landscape also has many interesting monuments, including castles and palaces in Klašterc nad Ohrzą, Krásny Dvoře, Libochovice, Duchcov and Velki Březno, as well as religious buildings such as the rotunda of the 11th century. George on Mount Rip or the Loreto Chapel in Rumburk.

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    Wild Gorge

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    Edmund Gorge