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Castle Garden

Local name: Zámecká zahrada

The castle park is currently one of the most visited resting places in Teplice. It was founded in the 16th century and has been rebuilt several times since then. Initially, it was a French-style geometric garden, now a romantic English park with several buildings imitating antique and Gothic buildings.

The park belonged to the Teplice castle, which in the years 1643-1945 belonged to the Clary-Aldringen family. Its layout has been modified many times due to changing trends in gardening. Currently, it is primarily a landscape park consisting largely of old trees. Within it there are two ponds and a network of canals on which you can sail boats. In the park you can see, among others, the Temple of Apollo built in the nineteenth century, modeled on ancient buildings. There is also a wooden Swan Pavilion, which in the past served as a haven and mooring place for boats. At the entrance to the gardens there is a baroque manor house with a facade decorated with pilasters and interiors covered with paintings. For years it was the seat of the North Bohemian Philharmonic Orchestra. It currently houses a casino.


Attractions inside

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    Zámecké náměstí 415 01 Teplice , Czechia