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Aquacentrum Teplice

Local name: Aquacentrum Teplice

Aquacentrum in Teplice is a water park using water from thermal springs. There is a swimming pool, recreational pools, water slide and saunas. The water in the pools has a temperature of about 28 degrees Celsius.

The water park was opened at the beginning of the 21st century. It complements the recreational offer of the Teplice spa. Most of his devices are under a roof. Outside, you can take advantage of the summer beach, steam sauna and pool with cool water.

In addition to the possibility of using the pools, the Aquacentrum offer also includes saunas, spa and wellness treatments. There is also a shallow children's pool with a small slide.


Attractions inside

    Aquacentrum Teplice map
    Al. Jiráska 415 01 Teplice , Czechia