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Trezin is a small city that was founded in the 18th century as a fortress. It is known, however, primarily because of its tragic history from World War II, when a concentration camp for the Jewish population operated here.

At the end of the 18th century, the construction of the Terezin Fortress began on the order of Emperor Józef II. Its name comes from the name of the mother of the emperor, Maria Teresa. The stronghold was built by French engineers and belonged to the most modern facilities of this type in this part of Europe. However, due to changes in the balance of power in Europe and the signing of the agreement between Austria and Prussia, she never took part in the fighting and was not besieged. For this reason, a prison was located there in the 19th century.

The Terezin fortress appeared on the pages of history again in 1939, when the Germans, after capturing these areas, adapted it for the needs of the concentration camp. Jews from Austria and the Czech Republic were kept there.

Today, the main places visited by Terezin are those related to the activities of the concentration camp. They operate under the common name of the Terezin Memorial Site (Památník Terezín). Its most important parts are the Small and Large Fortresses on two banks of the Ohře River. You can also visit the Magdeburg Barracks, Columbarium, cemeteries and the Ghetto Museum.

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