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Local name: Vyšehrad

Vyšehrad is a hill in Prague, on the right bank of the Vltava River. There is Vysehrad Castle, the rotunda of Sts. St. Martin's Church Peter and Paul, next to which is a cemetery with a national pantheon, where important Czech figures are buried. This was the beginning of the Royal Road, which the Czech rulers traveled to the city of Prague for the coronation.

Visegrad Hill was the second most important, next to Hradcany, the seat of the Czech rulers in the Middle Ages from the 10th century. Vytautas II made his main seat in Vysehrad Castle. However, during the reign of the successive kings Visegrad fell in importance. Sobieslav I of Przemysl was the last ruler who resided here.

Legend has it that it was the seat of the first Czech ruler, Step. His daughter Libus had a prophetic dream, pointing out that in the nearby woods one should find a man who was carrying a threshold to his home. In this place you should bear the city and call it "threshold", ie in Czech "Praha".

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