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number 243 in the city

St. Martin's Rotunda

Local name: Rotunda svatého Martina

Located inside: Vyšehrad

St. rotunda Martin's in Prague is the oldest surviving building in the Visegrad, as well as the oldest surviving rotunda in the Czech capital. It is a temple built in the Romanesque style, has a neo-Roman portal and a marble altar, as well as wall paintings from the same period.

St. rotunda Martin's was built in the eleventh century during the reign of King Vratislav II and served as a parish church for Visegrad. The inner diameter of the rotunda is 650 cm, while the wall thickness is 95 cm. During the Hussite wars only the chapel of St. Peter and Paul and the rotunda of St. Marcin's were not destroyed in Visegrad.

After the construction of the baroque fortress of Visegrad, the church was desecrated and served as a dungeon and a gunpowder warehouse. In the mid-nineteenth century, the building miraculously survived, because a new road was to pass this way, but the plans were changed and this investment was not implemented. At the end of the 19th century, the temple gained neo-Gothic elements.


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