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Basilica of St. Peter and Paul

Local name: Bazilika svatého Petra a Pavla

Located inside: Vyšehrad

Neo-Gothic basilica located in Visegrad. The facade of the church is decorated with statues of St. Peter and Paul, mosaic depicting Saint. Cyril and Methodius and the stone relief presenting the Last Judgment. In the interior of the basilica you can admire secession paintings with floral motifs, frescoes depicting the life of Saint. Peter and Paul, relics of St. St. Valentine's coffin Longina or icon of the Madonna of Rain.

Stone reliquary of St. During the Protestant attack on the church, he was thrown into the Vltava River. Legend has it that the falling body of the saint has formed a bottomless abyss under the Vysehradský rock. The coffin floated on the surface of the water, contradicting the laws of nature.

The Icon of the Virgin of the Rain is also an object of pilgrimage, which is supposed to protect against crop failure and drought.

In the basilica there is a cemetery on which many famous Czech figures were buried. Bedrich Smetana, Antonin Dvorak, Karel Capek, or Alfons Mucha.

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