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number 128 in the city

Cemetery Vysehrad

Local name: hřbitov Vyšehrad

Located inside: Vyšehrad

The Vysehrad cemetery is a burial place for eminent Czech personalities. Visitors can see the graves of famous musicians, conductors of artists, painters, sculptors and scientists. Also worth mentioning is the monument to Slavin, which is a collection of tombs commemorating the most recognized people of culture and art.

The most famous people in the Visegrad Cemetery are: Bedrich Smetana, Antonin Dvorak, Ema Destinnova, Vaclav Levy, Karel Capek, Alfons Mucha, Jaroslav Heyrovsky or Jan Neruda.

In the thirteenth century, in the area of ​​the present necropolis there was a small churchyard, which existed until the second half of the nineteenth century. 19th century. At the end of the 18th century, the Józefiński edict was introduced, which forbade the creation of cemeteries in the center of cities, but the Visegrad cemetery was a departure from the established rule.


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    128 00 Prague , Czechia