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Fortress Königstein

Local name: Festung Königstein

Königstein Fortress is located on a hill over 240 meters above the level of Łeba, and its history dates back to the 13th century. On the area of over 10 ha there is, among others a fortified castle from the 13th century, an old armory from the 16th century, the baroque castle of Frederick, Magdalena's castle, a garrison church, the Ravelin gate.

The fortress was never conquered, which was largely influenced by, among others steep and slippery approach and access to water, which is necessary during sieges. The well, 152 meters deep, was dug in the stronghold's courtyard and for a bad sign, it is in a building resembling a small palace.

For centuries, the fortress served as residences of the Wettynów and August II Mocny families, a prisoner-of-war camp and a prison where, among others, Jan Stanisław Jabłonowski, Konstanty Władysław Sobieski, and Stanisław Dobrzański.


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