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Saxony is located in eastern Germany on the border with Poland and the Czech Republic. Its capital is Dresden, which is extremely popular with tourists, and the most important attractions include the unusual rock formation and the Bastei bridge as well as magnificent vineyards.

In the past, the region was an independent state, which became very important in the 18th century. Its rulers also sat on the throne of Poland. It was then that Dresden received such magnificent buildings.

Today, after the reconstruction of war damage, Dresden is one of the most valuable cities in eastern Germany. Baroque churches, palaces and tenements create its unique atmosphere. Famous museums such as Zwinger and Grünes Gewölbe are also located here.

The smaller cities of Saxony are also full of historic buildings. Meissen is very famous with preserved medieval buildings and one of the best porcelain factories in the world.

Saxony is also the northernmost wine-growing region in Europe. The vineyards grow on the gentle slopes of the hills, and between the rows of vines there are small houses of winemakers, where you can enjoy the tasting.

A very popular place in the region is the Elbe gorge and the surrounding rock formations. The most spectacular is Bastei, where rock teeth protrude into the sky. Between them you can see the remains of the castle and a huge stone bridge.

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