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Leipzig, located in Saxony, is one of the German cities that suffered the least during World War II due to airstrikes. The original metropolitan buildings from the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century have been preserved here. The rebuilt Old Town centers around a large market, and today the city is known primarily as an important center of international fairs.

Leipzig developed from a trading settlement on the White Elster. In the 13th century it was already a city, and in the 15th century one of the first German universities was founded here. The famous theological dispute between Marcin Luther and Johann Eck took place in the city in 1519. Again, the city was on the front pages of history in 1813, when in its suburbs a battle of allied forces with Napoleon, called the battle of nations, took place. In its centenary, a 96-meter monument was erected in Leipzig, on whose top there is a viewing platform.

The Old Town of Leipzig is centered around the market square and was largely rebuilt after 1945. It is made up of gothic tenements, between which historic churches, the City Scales, the Royal House and the Renaissance New Town Hall found their place which houses the City History Museum . On the outskirts, you can see entire fragments that unleashed the destruction during the raids and preserved their atmosphere of the nineteenth century metropolis.

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