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Battle of Nations Monument

Local name: Völkerschlachtdenkmal

The Battle of the Nations monument with a height of 91 meters was built in the first half. Of the twentieth century and is the largest monument in Europe. The pedestal of the building has a museum pavilion with souvenirs, including items belonging to Prince Józef Poniatowski, exhibits and fragments from the battlefield, and a diorama with thousands of figurines of soldiers in 1:72 scale. At the top of the monument there are observation terraces, which can be reached by elevator or by climbing 500 stairs.

The Battle of Nations is called the Battle of Leipzig in 1813 between the French army under the command of Napoleon Bonaparte and the forces of the coalition of Russia, Prussia, Austria and Sweden. It was the greatest battle of Napoleon's time and his most severe defeat.

At a distance of 400 meters from the monument is the Napoleonic Stone, which commemorates the place from which Napoleon watched the battlefield.


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