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The capital of Saxony and one of the most important German cultural centers. Dresden lies on the Elbe and is known for its baroque buildings rebuilt after the war and magnificent museums, including the Zwinger Palace, which houses the Old Masters Gallery.

Dresden developed during the late Middle Ages from a small trading settlement. However, the real boom brought him time of the rule of the Wettin dynasty, which made it the capital of Saxony and a vibrant cultural center. Baroque palaces, churches and monumental buildings of streets, as well as boulevards on the Elbe, were created at that time. Unfortunately, all the buildings fell into rubble during the Allied carpet raids during World War II. Reconstruction started in the mid-twentieth century still did not end.

The most important part of Dresden from a tourist point of view is the so-called Inner City. It stretches on the banks of the Elbe, where you can admire the panorama from the wide boulevards. It is here that the Frauenkirche church with a huge dome and the Holy Trinity church with the Wettin graves have been rebuilt. In its vicinity stands the Renaissance-Baroque royal castle, as well as the Zwinger Palace with the dining room of the best in Europe collection of old paintings and collections of artistic crafts and porcelain. The former Wettin gems are, in turn, stored in the famous Grunes Gewelbe gallery.

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  • Zwinger
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  • Royal Palace
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    Royal Palace

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  • Japanese Palace
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    Japanese Palace

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  • Big garden
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    Big garden

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  • Park Pillnitz
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    Park Pillnitz

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