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Brühl's Terrace

Local name: Brühlsche Terrasse

Tarasy Brühl is a walking and viewing promenade located in Dresden along the left bank of the Elbe River. The boulevard is considered the longest walking terrace in Europe, which is why it is also called the "Balcony of Europe". Brühl's terraces constitute the northern part of the Neumarkt square rebuilt in the 1990s and the buildings of the Old Town.

The terraces owe their name to Henry Brühl, who built a palace in the place of the current promenade in the years 1739-1748. A few years later, the entire area surrounding the residence, along with the riverside part, was given to Brühl by the Saxon elector as a thank you for the successful reform of improving the property tax.

In 1814, the terraces were made available to the residents of Dresden as public property. Over the years, new infrastructure elements have also been created: the marina, pavilions, galleries as well as restaurants and cafes.


Attractions inside

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