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Church of the Virgin Mary

Local name: Frauenkirche Dresden

The Virgin Mary Lutheran Church was built in the 18th century according to the design of George Bähr and is the largest sandstone building in the world. Inside the Baroque temple, you can admire, among others paintings on the roof of the dome, the main altar with organs, an oak baptismal font and a pulpit, which in its shape resembles the bow of a ship.

During World War II, the church was bombed and partly destroyed. For a long time, the GDR authorities did not allow to clean up the ruins of the temple, treating it as a reminder of the horrors of war and a warning. The church was rebuilt again at the turn of the century, partly using the original stones of the demolished building.

The church has a rich musical offer, including Sunday organ concerts and numerous concerts of sacred music, in which the invited guests and parish choirs appear: The Great Frauenkirche Choir and Frauenkirche Chamber Choir. Music care is provided by cantor Matthias Grüner and organist Samuel Kummer.


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