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Panská skála

Local name: Panská skála

Lord's Rock, also known as Varhany, is a characteristic hill with a basalt outcrop located in northern Bohemia. It is the oldest geological reserve in this country and one of the oldest assumptions of this type in all of Europe. Although the stone was mined here until the First World War, the first forms of protection appeared in 1878. In 1953, the rock eventually became a nature reserve (Národní Přírodní Památka).

Pańska Skała is the most-visited geological trail in the Czech Republic. You can see beautiful basalt columns up to 20 meters high here. There is also a Marian pole, built to commemorate the death of a pair of friends who froze here during a frosty night in 1739. There is also a small lake directly under the rock. In the hill area, a large car park with extensive social facilities was arranged.


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