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Dolsky Mill

Local name: Dolský mlýn

The Dolsky mill is the ruins of a former three-wheel mill and sawmill located on the Kamenica River in the Czech Switzerland. It is a place of hiking with picturesque rocks around. The mill is located in a deciduous forest. A walking and cycling trail leads to it.

The mill was built at the beginning of the 16th century. He used the strength of the Kamenica River flowing rapidly here, fed by the Jetrichovice Bela stream. A mill and sawmill operated within the plant. He served the inhabitants of the surrounding villages who brought here grain to be milled into flour and bran. Planks and beams made of wood cut in the surrounding forests were also produced.

In the nineteenth century, the level of the river decreased and the mill's activity was threatened. Its owners then started operating a distillery. It burned down in the middle of the century and was never rebuilt. Today, only the stone perimeter walls with window openings remain from the former mill. Next to it are benches where you can relax during the trip.


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    405 02 Růžová , Czechia