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Pravčická Gate

Local name: Pravčická brána

The Pravčická brána (Pravčická brána) is a natural rock bridge located in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park in the Połabské hory. It is the largest formation of this type in all of Europe. The gate forms a complex with a summer palace called Falcon's Nest.
The dimensions of the gate are impressive: the arch span measured at its base is over 26 meters, the thickness of the ceiling in the thinnest place is 3 meters, the height of the opening is 16 meters, the width of the bridge is 8 meters (at the narrowest point).

Sokole nest was built in 1881, earlier there was an inn here covered with oak bark. Currently there is a photo gallery and a restaurant. The gate can be admired from the viewing terraces, for safety reasons it is forbidden to enter the arch.

The charm of Bohemian Switzerland and the extraordinary natural bridge were appreciated by the creators of the film "Tales of Narnia", one of its scenes was shot here.


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