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Děčín Castle

Local name: Zámek Děčín

The first rock castle from the 10th century was built as a wooden fort by Przemyślida. It served as the administrative and defense center of the state. In the 13th century, the fort was rebuilt into a Gothic stone castle, thanks to which the movement of ships along the Elbe was controlled.

Rod of Bünau rebuilt the castle in the 16th century into a Renaissance palace. After the Thirty Years' War, Rudolf of Bünau sold the estate in 1628 to the Thun-Hohenstein family. The new owners rebuilt it in the Baroque style, surrounding it with a garden, and in the 18th century - in the classical style. The property belonged to the Thun family until 1932, when it was sold to Czechoslovakia for financial reasons.

The state turned the castle into barracks. The facility functioned in a new role until 1991, later the entire complex underwent reconstruction. Currently, the castle is protected as a cultural monument of the Czech Republic.


Attractions inside

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    Dlouhá Jízda 405 02 Děčín , Czechia