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Tiské Walls

Local name: Tiské stěny

Tiskie Kamienne Ściany (Tiské stěny) is a monument of inanimate nature located in the Protected Landscape Area of Łabskie Sandstones. You can admire the amazing rock formations in the form of high towers, vertical walls, gorges and caves. There is a red tourist trail and educational trail leading here. This is an extremely popular place among rock climbers.

These amazing stone walls were created in the Mesozoic era. They are made of sandstones and marl. Their fancy shapes include the effect of centuries of erosion and weathering. On their territory there is a refuge for wild birds, which is why they came under the protection of the Natura 2000 program.

Stone Walls have been a mecca for climbers since the beginning of the 20th century. At that time, two local summits were conquered for the first time: "Elephant Column" and "Mummy". Currently, you can use many prepared routes, which are characterized by different levels of difficulty.


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