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Děčín Zoo

Local name: Zoologická zahrada Děčín

The Zoological Garden in Decin is one of the smaller in the Czech Republic. He specializes in breeding animals from Europe, Asia and America, especially in rare species that are hard to see in other zoos in this part of the world.

The zoo was founded in 1948. It currently covers an area of 6 hectares. About 400 animals belonging to 150 species live here, mainly mammals and birds. The zoo is located within a forest park. Several walking routes led through its area. Thanks to natural vegetation, shade and distance from the city center, this is a place often visited as a place of rest and recreation.

At the zoo you can see different species of animals from Europe, Asia and America. There are, among others, grizzly bears, wild pigs - babiruses, Indian mishmi takin antelopes and many species of rare rodents. The zoo also has several aquariums with tropical fish and a reconstructed coral reef with animals and plants inhabiting it.


Attractions inside

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    Žižkova 1286/15405 02 Děčín , Czechia