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Edmund Gorge

Local name: Edmundova Soutěska

Located inside: Wild Gorge

The Edmund Gorge is located in Bohemian Switzerland. It is a deep canyon hollowed out by the waters of the Kamienica River. Rock walls here are from 50 to 150 meters high. A tourist trail runs along the ravine. In some moments he leads on wooden footbridges, and where there was not enough space tourists cross boats.

The gorge was opened to tourists at the end of the 19th century. The initiator of the construction of the trail was Prince Edmund Clary-Aldringen, from whom this place took its name. The trail led on footbridges and equipped with boats connected Hrensko with the second of the famous nearby Divoka Souteska gorges.

The tenement flows in the ravine directly under the steep rock walls. They are overgrown with mosses and ferns, and wherever the area also allows trees and shrubs. The gorge is not available when the water level is high.


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    405 02 Hřensko , Czechia