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number 46 in the city

Rudolf-Harbig Stadium

Local name: Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion

DDV Stadion is a football stadium in Dresden from 1923. The sports hall can seat 32 066 spectators, of which 11 055 are standing places. The team Dynamo Dresden regularly plays their matches in the stadium.

In 1951 and 1990 the building underwent renovations, and in 2007–2009 old structures were demolished and a new building was built in their place. In 2010, the current name Rudolf-Harbig-Stadionna was changed, given in honor of a German athlete, Olympic medalist and two-time European champion, replacing it with the new Glücksgas-Stadion.

The Dresden stadium was one of the hosts of the 2010 U-20 World Championships. Six group stage matches and one quarter-final were played. The facility was also one of the women's arenas of the 2011 World Championships. Three group matches and one quarter-final were held there.


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