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Open air museum Zubrnice

Local name: Muzeum v přírodě Zubrnice - Skanzen

The former buildings of Zubrince are now a Museum of Folk Architecture. This is the youngest open-air museum in the Czech Republic. It shows the folk culture of the northern part of the country. Several wooden and stone houses are protected, as well as a Gothic church, a Baroque well, a granary and a water mill.

A large complex of former buildings has survived in Zubrinka. She was saved by creating an open-air museum. Several smaller buildings were moved to it, such as a granary or shrines, but the main part of the museum is the original layout of the former village.

In Zubrinka you can see completely furnished and equipped houses from northern Bohemia. There are log and frame houses filled with walls. There is also a village shop with old scales, a saturator and product containers, a reconstructed oil mill and a school from the second half of the 19th century.


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